The Beatles documentary ‘Get back’ is a rare look into the creative process, and how chaotic and nonlinear it is. It's a chance to see how the creative mind works, and should be watched by anyone working with creative people.

After working in advertising for more than 20 years, I've met my share of suits who wants to put creativity into a spread sheet. Where it’s easy for them to manage and sell. I even met creatives looking for a formular that could make their work more easy. But after watching ‘Get back’ I was reminded why creatives need to be left alone, during the creative process. Undisturbed and unmanaged. Because the best ideas arrive when you don't think about them. So next time you see us sitting with our feet up on the table laughing. Don’t fucking disturb us. We might be seconds away from coming up with a Cannes winner.

All 9 hours of 'Get back' is out on Disneyplus. But if you are the busy type, you can watch the trailer here.