There is another way to build brands in the digital age. 
Another is a creative lead agency that combines the best of business, creativity and technology to build modern brands for the digital age. 
Another was founded on a belief that strong brands perform better, and that creativity and technology can solve business problems in a time of change, where clients more than ever need a lead agency to navigate their brand in the right direction.


The partners

Another is led by the three partners Morten Hershøj, Thorkild Bjerre & Miriam Plon Sauer. The team has a vast experience in building modern brands, and comes with an award-winning experience from both agency and business side, from international companies like Mother, Valtech and AKQA.

Morten Hershøj

Morten is founding partner and CEO at Another, and comes with a unique business background from both brand and agency side, leading the digital transformation of some of the leading Nordic brands, most lately as the COO at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners, and director at tech-company Valtech.

Thorkild Bjerre

Thorkild is founding partner and Executive Creative Director at Another. His award-winning career started at Mother London. Before founding Another he was a Creative Director at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners, and a creative director at digital agency Zupa.

Miriam Plon Sauer

Miriam is partner and Strategy Director at Another. Her diverse background includes leading the strategic output in advertising, media & digital alike, in renowned agencies like Hjaltelin Stahl & Carat Deep Blue.

Another works as a lead agency for clients on a domestic and global scale. Building their brand and business in whatever channel makes sense.